inspired by where i was raised (on sweet road) at the foothills of the adirondack mountains, and the vast wilderness of the pacific northwest, i am a lover of all things natural, as well as refreshingly delicious. after spending nearly a decade in oregon, it was time to return to my ny roots and settle in brooklyn. coming from a diverse background in both the interior design and restaurant industries, the path was naturally and passionately set in motion to create. and the many talented people i crossed paths with along the way, i thank you. after recipe testing and mixing it up for awhile - i opened up shop in june of 2018 at the north 3rd st market.

sweet road bevs invites you to open your palate and your mind as we pave a subtler, more flavorful way to the cleansing and refreshing world of drinking vinegar. not everyone is up for the morning sting on the throat from a shot of apple cider vinegar, despite all the health benefits. so please, allow us, to help soothe the prickle.

using all fresh ingredients, and a unique blend of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and vinegars, sweet road bevs is here to make this health routine a more pleasant, exciting and refreshing practice. whether it is the morning wake up call you crave, the mid afternoon boost, or the after work/pre-workout body balance you need, sweet road bevs provides! your gut, skin and mind, will thank you for it. in addition, srb has a rotating selection of wellness shots, fresh pressed juices and smoothies; recipes to cover all of your health desires. also excited to announce some new additions to our 2019 menu - avocado toast, almond butter toast & spinach salad. looking forward to serving you our refreshments and bites soon!

See our market menu below

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